Roy Rubinsteinís


Chicago Hot Six


Roy Rubinstein, trombone, leader

Sarah Spencer, tenor sax, vocals

John Skillman, clarinet 





Jim Barrett, banjo

Jeremy Beyer, bass

Mike Albiniak, drums





    The Chicago Hot Six is a six-piece traditional jazz group formed more than four decades ago, originally playing just in the Chicago area, but then increasingly far afield.  They have played monthly at The Lodge in Wasco, Illinois for more than 25 years. 


    The band plays in the New Orleans style, emphasizing a loosely   improvised ensemble.   While the band does have several fine soloists, the ensemble playing and the duets between two front-line musicians are its strong points.  Such collective improvisation was characteristic in the early 1900s of the great bands such as the King Oliver Creole Jazz Band, and also of the groups later led by Bunk Johnson and George Lewis in the jazz revival of the 1940s.


    For booking information, call: 630 932-1132