Red Lehrís Powerhouse Five

St. Louis, Missouri



Noel Kaletsky, c larinet†††† ††††††† Steve Lilley, cornet

Dave Majchrzak , piano†† ††††††† ††††† Jack Tartar , drums

David ďRedĒ Lehr, sousaphone

†††† What happens when five talented jazz musicians who are long on ideas and energy get together?  RED LEHRíS POWERHOUSE FIVE! David "Red" Lehr's guys engage in musical conversations that sizzle and scintillate.  Noel Kaletsky's reeds, Steve Lilley's cornet, Jack Tartarís drums, Dave Majchrzak's piano, and Red's sousaphone weave a seamless jazz fabric that delights audiences.  Inspiration and intuition at their best!


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