The Red Lion Jazz Band has been the Delaware Valley’s leading revivalist Dixieland combo for over fifty years.  During that time, the band performed monthly at area restaurants for twenty years, including a seven-year run at Wilmington, Delaware’s famous and prestigious Green Room.  For thirteen years, they headlined a summer concert series sponsored by the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Art League.


     Leader Tex Wyndham is an authority on early jazz.  From 1966 to 1997, he had published reviews of more recordings of ragtime, Dixieland jazz and related music than any other U.S.- based writer.  Tex is the only jazz writer to place among the top three in the “Favorite Jazz Critic” category of both (1985 and 1996) of the Jazzology Records Polls.


     The Red Lions play a cross-section of America’s popular music from about 1895 to 1930, including pop tunes, blues, jazz numbers, marches, cakewalks, Indian intermezzos, and rags, usually in complete versions including verse and vocal chorus.  They have played for numerous jazz societies  (from the Potomac River Jazz Club to the Syracuse Jazz Appreciation Society)  and for several jazz festivals (from Manassas to Sacramento).  This is their second appearance at the GRUGELFEST.


    For more information, contact Tex Wyndham at:  610 388-6330.


Tex Wyndham and his RED LION JAZZ BAND


Mendenhall, Pennsylvania

Tex Wyndham , cornet, leader

Steve Barbone, clarinet         

 David Kee, bass saxophone


                                                                                                                         Michael Winstanley, washboard







John Tatum, trombone

 Pat Meitzler, banjo

Jon Williams, piano