The Red Rose Ragtime Band was formed in the early 1980s in the Chicago, Illinois area with the express purpose of playing almost any style of early jazz, including ragtime.  Today, Red Rose plays a wide variety of jazz sounds, from compositions by Jelly Roll Morton, Tiny Parham, Benny Moten, and King Oliver to rags by Scott Joplin, James Scott, Joe Jordan, and May Aufderheide.


    Red Rose delves into early Dixieland with seldom-heard tunes by the pre-l920 Original Dixieland Jass Band, then continues into the “hot '20s” with  marvelous music generated by the legendary Bix Beiderbecke and others.  The “West Coast Revival” period is represented by the compositions of Lu Watters and Turk Murphy.  No matter what the tune, Red Rose plays each one in the style in which it was originally played or recorded. 


     For more information, check out: or call  847 234-9032


Art Davis , trumpet

 Kim Cusack , clarinet      

Jim Barrett , banjo




Joan Reynolds , piano, leader

Tom Bartlett , trombone           

 Steve Ley , tuba

                         Mike Schwimmer , drums






Red Rose Ragtime Band

Chicago, Illinois