Tex Wyndham is a recognized authority on ragtime and early jazz. Since 1968, he has performed at national ragtime & jazz festivals, clubs, community concerts, and cruises as a ragtime soloist and (on cornet) as leader of the Red Lion Jazz Band and the Rent Party Revellers.  He is the author of the book Texas Shout: How Dixieland Jazz Works, and his columns appeared regularly in jazz publications for over 40 years. 


     Tex has received awards from the Toronto Ragtime Society and the Pennsylvania Jazz Society, and in 2014 the Scott Joplin International Ragtime Foundation presented him with its lifetime achievement award.  He served as the Festival Jazz Education Coordinator for the 1992 Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, and as a panel discussion leader at the annual convention of the American Federation of Jazz Societies. 


     Tex’s ragtime and Dixieland appreciation shows have been broadcast on jazz radio programs throughout the world, and used in classrooms from elementary school to college.  He is heard on over 30 recordings. 


    For more information, contact Tex Wyndham at:  610 388-6330.


Tex Wyndham